Family Funeral Directors for 60 years
Family Funeral Directors for 60 years
Independant Family Funeral Directors for 60 years
Independant Family Funeral Directors for 60 years 

Burial Options


The majority of churchyards in England (and our region) are associated with the Anglican Church and the Roman Catholic Church. Some have many plots, some a few and some are full and closed to burials. If you are unsure if a specific church has the option of burial please give us a call to discuss.



Most towns and cities have one, or a number of cemeteries. Some villages have a small cemetery, especially when the churchyards are full and have been closed. The majority are run by village, or town councils. The larger ones are sometimes run by county councils. Aside from these there are a number of privately owned and run cemeteries.

What & Where?

Many people do not visit churchyards and cemeteries on a regular basis, so when it comes to a time when we have to find a plot it can be a little confusing, erspecially if you have family in a churchyard, or cemetery that is now closed - where do you go. Hopefully this may help;

  • SNAITH: Churchyard (full for burials, ashes section available)
  • SNAITH: Cemetery (run by Town Council)
  • GOOLE: Churchyard (all full/closed)
  • GOOLE: Cemetery (run by Town Council)
  • AIRMYN: Churchyard (limited space)
  • HENSALL: Churchyard (available)
  • POLLINGTON:Churchyard (available)
  • CARLTON: CofE Churchyard (full/closed)
  • CARLTON: RC Churchyard (limited space)
  • CARLTON: Cemetery (run by Selby Town Council)
  • HOWDEN: Churchyard (full for burials, ashes section available)
  • HOWDEN: Cemetery (limited space)
  • BARMBY-ON-THE-MARSH: Cemetery (run by Village Council)
  • DRAX: Churchyard (full)
  • DRAX: Cemetery (new and run by Drax Council)
  • WHITLEY: Churchyard (full and closed)
  • KELLINGTON: Churchyard (available)
  • CHAPEL HADDLESEY: Churchyard (available)

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If you would like an idea on costs, or would like more information on Funeral Plans, call 01405 860382, ask for John, Mark, or simply complete our contact form.


As a funeral service provider the best way to decide if you are choosing the right people to care for your family at the time of need is from the people who have used us in the past.


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