Family Funeral Directors for 60 years
Family Funeral Directors for 60 years
Independant Family Funeral Directors for 60 years
Independant Family Funeral Directors for 60 years 


Solid, Veneer & FSC Coffins

Still the most commonly requested coffins are the wood veneer. Usually light oak, but occasionally a mahogany, or darker oak. Many of the bigger firms us a what is known as a 'foil' coffin as their standard coffin. These are basic wood coffins with a stick on wood effect vinyl sheet. Our standard is the veneer as it is a nicer, more natural wood finish.


Solid coffins are occasionally requested, which rather than being a veneer on chipboard are solid sheets of timber throughout. Most commonly oak is chosen, although again mahogany and other wood types are avaialble.


A number of companies are now providing Forest Stewardship council (FSC) coffins. these are made from wood, sourced sustainably from managed forests. They use less environmentally harmful glues and varnishes with a very natural wood look.


Wicker, Willow & Leaf Coffins

Often referred to as 'Eco-Coffins' thay are hand made using a variety of natural products including willow, bamboo, cane, seagrass and banana leaf.


It is important to highlight the environmental factors of each product as they can be misleading. Willow and wicker coffins are often handmade in the UK using sustainable sourced willow. Some however are made abroad, mostly in China and Asia. Bamboo, cane, banana leaf and seagrass are all made many miles from our shores and therefore have significantly higher environmental impacts through shipping miles. Therefore, if you are choosing a coffin purely on the environmental impact than willow should be your choice. If however it is the attractive look that many of these coffins have then willow and all the others should be considered.


Cardboard Coffins

Cardboard coffins have been an oprion for a number of years now. the common misconception is that they are the cheapest option. Unfortunately not. They compare in price to a standard oak veneer.


These coffins are rigorously tested for weight and carrying, in all elements and are perfectly safe. A couple of options are available in shape and construction. Either traditional coffin shapes, or casket shapes and those that get their strength from folds and those that get strength from lamination.

Picture Coffins

A very recent edition to the coffin industry. Based on laminated cardboard, or mdf they have unique designs and images layered onto the surface to give a very distinct, personisation to a coffin.


Any image can be added, whether it is from a companies portfoilio, or an image that the family, or individual had taken, or was fond of. Sports teams colours and logos are popular, as are peaceful and tranquil landscapes.

Wool Coffins

Wool coffins, again are a very new edition to the coffin industry. Using new pure wool these lovely coffins are handmade in Yorkshire by Hainsworths. The wool coffins are strengthened with a sturdy recycled cardboard liner.


Wool is a material that is totally eco-friendly because it’s sustainable and biodegradable. The interior of the coffin is lined with organic cotton and attractively edged with jute and has a biodegradable waterproof base.



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