Family Funeral Directors for 60 years
Family Funeral Directors for 60 years
Independant Family Funeral Directors for 60 years
Independant Family Funeral Directors for 60 years 

Coffin Transport


The most common, since Victorian times is the hearse. A large stretched vehicle with windows to view the coffin, with room for displaying flowers on the top of the coffin and at the side. We currently run a Mercedes hearse, but like the limousines have options on other vehicles if specially required by a family.

Horse & Carriage

The horse and carriage has seen a revival in recent years. Funeral Directors generally do not own horse and carriages, merely hire them in from specialist operators.


Both horses, and carriages can be white, or black with a variety of plume colours. They are generally used for small journeys, from house to church and church to burial ground. They are rarely used (especially in our more rural setting) for  trips to the crematorium, unless the church, or house is nearby.

Motorcycle Hearse

A modern option for an individual who was fond of motorbikes and motorbiking. The coffin can be placed in a specially designed sidecar, or motorbike trailer. Again, these are not owned by funeral directors and are hired in from specialist operators.

Bus Hearse & Limousine

A double decker bus can be hired in Yorkshire to transport the coffin and family to any destination. Again, quite a niche form of transport but unusual and memorable.

Other Hearses

The list could go on and on as their are many alternatives. others include;

  • a cycle hearse
  • a VW hearse
  • a lorry hearse
  • a Morris Minor hearse
  • a tank hearse
  • a fire engine hearse
  • a basic estate car
  • a milk float hearse
  • a tractor hearse
  • even a Reliant Robin hearse

Contact Us

If you would like an idea on costs, or would like more information on Funeral Plans, call 01405 860382, ask for John, Mark, or simply complete our contact form.


As a funeral service provider the best way to decide if you are choosing the right people to care for your family at the time of need is from the people who have used us in the past.


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